10 Aug. 18

How To Choose The Safest Gas Boiler Installers Bristol

If your boiler is in severe ill health the chances are that you will soon be looking for a new one as part of a replacement package service. The process of choosing a boiler rarely comes at a good time and let’s face it, having to suddenly replace a boiler is hardly a welcome event financially. Whilst the main focus would be to try and find the most competitive quote for boiler replacement, many of us overlook how vital it is to ensure that our installer is Gas Safe registered. Gas boiler installers Bristol come in many shapes and sizes but here at Taps On Plumbing, we insist on employing only the highest calibre gas engineers.

Why is it important to have gas safe registered engineers?

Gas Boiler Installers BristolCondensing boilers work by perpetually burning mains gas to heat a circulating stream of water which is then pumped around a building via radiators to emit heat. If a boiler is not installed properly then there is a danger of combustible mains gas leaking from the unit and into the building. All boilers are also fitted with a “flue”, a term used to describe a pipe that channels away deadly carbon monoxide from the household as it is produced in the combustion process. If the flue is not installed correctly, your household could be exposed to deadly carbon monoxide gases. In addition, unsafe gas work can also cause fires and even explosions. If you want to hire the best gas boiler installers Bristol, Taps on plumbing are ready to help you today. We are a Checkatrade verified business so you can have full confidence and peace of mind that your installation will be safely carried out by professionals.

What should I check?

Check your engineer is Gas Safe registered – You can verify if your engineer is gas safe registered by searching the Gas Safe website. Alternatively, you can ring the Gas Safe helpline and confirm your engineer’s registration there. You can carry out a check by quoting or searching the 7 digit engineer licence number which can be found on the card.

Check that they are qualified to carry out your work –  Even if your engineer is gas safe registered, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are qualified to carry out all types of work on every appliance. Check the back of your engineer’s card and make sure that the work that they are carrying out is listed as an up to date qualification (eg. for gas boiler installers Bristol, they must have the “gas boiler” qualification). No matter what work is being carried out, make sure that “pipework” is listed as an up to date qualification, this is the minimum safety qualification required for an engineer to carry out any work.   

From day one Taps On Plumbing has been dedicated to delivering the safest boiler installations carried out by highly skilled professionals. This unwavering commitment to quality has won us the reputation as one of the most sought-after gas boiler installers Bristol.

If you are looking for a friendly, quick and reputable gas boiler installation service you need Taps On Plumbing. Find out more about our boiler installations service and enquire today!