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25 Mar. 19

What A The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies?

When you have been in the plumbing business for as long as we have, you certainly experience your fair share of emergency call outs some of which require you to fix a multitude of different problems. What you do tend to notice over time is that there are a select few issues which seem to occur repeatedly. When looking for emergency plumbers in Bristol you do not have the luxury of time. That’s why at Taps on Plumbing we offer a 24-hour on-call service to tackle any plumbing emergencies you may have regardless of when they occur. Generally speaking some of the most common causes we are called out for include the following.   

Burst Pipes

Emergency plumber bristol

Burst pipes are more common than you think during the winter time. Over the last few years, we have experienced some very cold snaps in the South West most notably in March 2018 and in February 2015. During this period we were called out to multiple burst pipe incidents where the water inside residential exterior piping networks had frozen, expanded and ruptured the pipe walls. To avoid this we recommend identifying the areas of your piping network that aren’t heated and insulating them with good quality pipe lagging. This will make sure that they are protected against the cold.


Blocked Toilets/Sinks

Blocked toilet

An all-year-round issue is blocked toilets or sinks. In both cases, this is caused by the excessive flushing of materials like tissue paper, sanitary products, hair and other items. Most people will try to rectify the problem themselves by using a plunger or an off the shelf commercial cleaning product like Mr Muscile. If the blockage is serious, there may be an issue further down in the system in which case you will need to enlist the services of a professional plumber. The best way to avoid blockages is to refrain from flushing too many large objects down the toilet or plug hole.


Leaking Washing Machines

Leaking Washing Machine

Leaking washing machines can be an unwelcome occurrence but are a very common problem. When faced with a leaking washing machine the two main possibilities are either that the connections to the water input/and or output hose are loose or that there is a problem with the appliance its self. Leaking washing machines are especially frustrating because you can come home to find that your floor is completely flooded which can cause warping and deformation especially if it is wooden. It is always good practice to employ the skills of a highly trained installations expert to ensure that your washing machine is hooked up to your water supply as tight as possible.


No Hot Water


Having no hot water is a serious problem and a huge inconvenience to anyone as it prohibits our ability to have baths, showers, heated wash cycles and central heating. This is probably the most popular reason as to why individuals call in an emergency plumber. Luckily diagnosing a lack of hot water is relatively simple and can almost always be attributed to a fault with your boiler. There are many potential issues within a boiler that can be to blame but we find that the most common one is the pilot light not working which signifies that the boiler is not lit. There can also be heat exchanger issues such as limescale coating which impedes the transfer of adequate heat needed to heat the system’s water supply.


Plumbing Emergency?


Plumbing emergencies require an immediate resolution from a responsive and highly trained professional. If you are experiencing any of the above then call Taps On Plumbing today on 0117 911 8053.