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Boiler Replacement Bristol

Boiler replacement Bristol


Boiler replacement can be a daunting prospect as it’s not something that usually happens on a regular basis, therefore a lot of people are understandably confused about what kind of boiler or model they need. With the ability to browse online, the endless ocean of boiler models, sizes and types can be overwhelming.


If you are seeking boiler replacement in Bristol it’s important to remember that professional advice should always be sought in the first instance. The two most popular types of household boiler are the regular boiler and the combi boiler. Each of these boiler options serves a different need depending on your house size and hot water consumption requirements.


Combi Boilers


Boiler replacement Bristol


Combi boilers combine both the central heating and water heating functions together in a single package. Unlike regular boilers, they draw water from the mains system and heat it when whenever it’s needed. This means that there is no need for additional water storage cylinders which would have otherwise been stored in a loft or attic. Due to the amount of space this saves, combi boilers are usually the go-to option for smaller properties. As combi boilers only heat the water you use, they are often praised as being more economical. The limitations of a combi boiler come when there’s a simultaneous demand for hot water from multiple sources eg. someone having a shower upstairs at the same time as hot tap running downstairs. Combi boilers are great for providing on-demand hot water to one source at a time so it’s not an ideal option for a household with two bathrooms. If you are not sure whether or not a combi boiler is suitable for your home, Taps-on plumbing can bring to bear years of expertise and recommend the perfect boiler. For the best v in Bristol, think Taps-on plumbing!  


Regular Boilers


Boiler replacement Bristol


Compared to a combi boiler, a regular boiler works in a more manual fashion in that it draws cold water from the mains and stores it into a storage tank. When the boiler is turned on, the cold water is drawn out and heated using gas fuel before being pumped into a separate hot water tank. The hot water is then pumped from this tank to wherever it is required eg. a hot tap or radiator. Owing to the fact that a large amount of water has been preheated (and is regularly topped up during usage) a regular boiler is perfectly suited for providing hot water to multiple sources at the same time. Regular boilers are usually found in large properties with multiple floors and more than one bathroom. One downside of regular boilers is the amount of space required for the boiler unit itself and both water tanks, this is why they do not make for a good choice in smaller properties and flats.


Whether regular or combi, Taps-on plumbing provide the highest professional standard of boiler replacement in Bristol and are ready to take your call. Get in touch on 07789992216 or fill out our book a boiler replacement now.